14 October – 30 November 2023
untiled gallery, Sofia

The Pleasure Of Matter

Marilia Kolibiri at Untiled Gallery, Oct – Nov 2023

Marilia Kolibiri (1993) studied in Athens School of Fine Arts and works mostly with traditional materials i.e. oil on canvas and ceramics. Her subjects on the other hand are anything but traditional. The focus lies on the world of modern-day branding and marketing techniques and its aesthetic language. The subjects in Kolibiri’s paintings and sculptures are instantly recognisable either from their omnipresent branding and marketing campaigns or as seemingly banal moments captured and robbed of their context. But being surrounded by the beauty on the one hand and the apprehension of contemporary tourism in Greece on the other, Kolibiri’s pieces never only convey the seemingly happy-go-lucky atmosphere they suggest at the first glimpse. Described by the artist as a magnifying glass on consumerism the pieces shown for Sofia Art Week are very compelling in their powerful gestures and bold colours. 

Kolibiri was rewarded numerous awards for her work both in Greece and abroad.

Untiled gallery and are thrilled to welcome Marilia Kolibiri to their new space in Sofia.

2023 "Basic needs" in collaboration with a pharmacy chain , 2022 “Basic needs” in collaboration with Døcumatism and the chain “Ok markets!”, Athens, 2021
“Presence and pleasures” at Ag18 Gallery, Vienna, 2020 “Tar Pits” at Alibi Gallery, Athens, 2022 “Cc” Callirhoes project space, Athens, 2021 “The empty gallery” at Shrine Gallery, New York, 2021 “Studio Encounters” at Amphicar Studio, Athens, 2022 “City Dwellers” at Ag18 Gallery, Vienna and more.
In 2023, she collaborated with H&M for the implementation of an advertising campaign involving a large-scale mural.