Sold Out Design and untiled gallery are pleased to present the group exhibition:
Carpe(t) Diem

with works by
Alexandra Georgieva (Sashettu)
Rosie Eisor
Nevena Ekimova
Petar Pondev
Margarita Dimitrova (Subcultura)

05 April – 11 May 2024 & untiled gallery, Sofia

Opening reception:
Thursday 4 April, 18.00 hs.

Cristina Koutsolioutsou
untitled, 2022
Acrylic on Canvas
80 x 120 cm

The Roman poet Horace used the phrase "carpe diem" as part of: "quam minimum credula postero", or "seize the day by placing as little faith as possible in the future". Our future seems increasingly uncertain, what remains for us is to focus on the present, seize the moment and work for a better future now - or grab the carpet tightly by the tassels. This is the second exhibition curated by Teodora Kotseva / in our newly opened gallery space. The exhibition brings together artists who employ mediums such as: textiles, tufted carpets and functional art objects. is the first gallery in Bulgaria focused on functional art and its manifestations. 

In a quest to act in the here and now, we have decided to bring artists who work in a close direction, yet are very different from each other in terms of artistic expressions. With the current selection, we also pay attention to a relatively new technology in carpet making, namely "tufting" or the production of canvases with the help of a yarn gun. This technique allows for the execution of detailed images with distinctly contemporary aesthetics. Here, the authors Rosie Eisor and Peter Pondev offer diverse subject matters from abstract compositions to animalistic creatures. Nevena Ekimova is an author who often uses textiles in the creation of large-scale installations, she will present a "Desiring Machine" - the best companion of the carpet, namely the vacuum cleaner. Alexandra Georgieva (Sashettu) will surprise us with new objects made specifically for the show- vintage school chairs with a custom upholstery. Margarita Dimitrova (Subcultura) participates with a unique functional art object- a "tufted" mirror.

Our gallery programme in 2024 is kindly supported by: