untiled gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition:
Layers of Perception: Exploring Depths

with works by
Cristina Koutsolioutsou
Marina Velisioti
Dimitra Zervou
Magdalena Gesheva
17 February – 30 March 2024
untiled gallery, Sofia

Opening reception:
Friday 16 February, 18.00 hs.

Photographs by Ivo Nedyalkov

Cristina Koutsolioutsou
Dinner with all Animals & Artist, 2023

Layers of Perception is conceived as an exposition that showcases contemporary artists who propose a reading on the expressionist movement from today’s perspective. With a selection of works that enthral with their bold gestures and self-referential subjects, the exhibition combines self-portraits with modern day temptations in Koutsolioutsou’s paintings, Velisioti’s tireless examination of the otherworldly, Dimitra Zervou’s study of fragility, protection and safety and Magdalena Gesheva’s search for the recreation of other people’s memories. Each piece catalyses the dissonance between perception and reality.BIO

Cristina Koutsolioutsou brings together references from tropical backgrounds into her urban Athenian lifestyle, creating worlds that play with the idea of dreamscape and escapism using colourful symbols. Koutsolioutsou studied Painting at the Camberwell College of Arts in London between 2013 and 2017.
Selected previous exhibitions include:
2024 A net to capture the wind, Living room space, Athens
2023 Non Volatile, Amphicar studio, Athens
2023 Soft Light Show, Amphicar studio, Athens
2023 Come together, Alibi gallery, Athens
2022 Revisitors, Mini Market Fasi, Athens

Drawing inspiration from ancient architecture and forgotten landscapes, Marina Velisioti crafts mesmerising collages, tapestries, and sculptures that defy conventional categorization, inviting viewers to lose themselves in surreal narratives and symbolic motifs. As a scholar of U.F.O.'s, monsters and sci-fi culture, Velisioti has been producing a series of collages, tapestries and sculptures developing narratives inspired by ancient buildings, deserted or forgotten landscapes, motifs and symbols, turning them into astonishing, unrealistic universes, often with a playful mood.
Selected previous exhibitions include:
2023 Outraged by pleasure, Nobel Building, Athens
2023 Turkish Textile Biennial, Izmir 
2023 Selasforos, Anoihta Pania, Chania, Greece
2018 Matter Over Matter, Goethe Institut, Sofia

Dimitra Zervou uses sculptures and installations as mediums that create narratives which examine memory and its state throughout time. Her works invite the viewer into a conceptual world with a peculiar point of view, opening new dialogues between reality and imagination. Zervou lives and works in Athens, and holds an Integrated MA from the Athens School of Fine Arts. 
Selected previous exhibitions include:
2023 Mystery 56 4th culture 2030 meeting, Eleusis European Capital of Culture, Elefsina
2023 Contemporary Womanhood 1.0: present femininities, MOMus-Museum Alex Mylona, Athens
2022 Back to Athens 9, Isaiah Mansion, Athens

Magdalena Gesheva is a versatile artist with a keen focus on ceramics and porcelain. She graduated from the Visual Arts programme at the New Bulgarian University, specialising in Ceramics and Porcelain: Digital Forms. Gesheva's artistic journey extends beyond traditional mediums; alongside her ceramic practice, she explores other formats, including photography, painting, poster design and mixed media drawing techniques.
Selected previous exhibitions include:
2023 Heads - Tails / Ezi - Tura, Serdika Gallery
2021 – 2023 Ceramics NBU, San Stefano Gallery
2022 Stereotypes, Solo exhibition on the territory of the NBU

Layers of Perception: Exploring Depths
Installation View
Cristina Koutsolioutsou
Dinner with all animals & artist, 2023
Plaster, Crayon, Acrylic, Varnish on Cardboard
84 x 140 cm
Cristina Koutsolioutsou
untitled, 2022
Acrylic on Canvas
80 x 120 cm

Dimitra Zervou
Untitled, 2022
Spray Paint on Glass, Concrete
136,5 x 59,2 x 9,5 cm
Dimitra Zervou
Transparency, 2023
44 x 49 x 6,5 cm
Marina Velisioti
Untitled, 2018
Cotton, Acrylic
112 x 45 cm
Magdalena Gesheva 
The Chair, 2023
Ceramics, Photo Transfer
93 x 45 x 44 cm